Centsable Bookkeeping

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

1.  Centsable Bookkeeping acknowledges and affirms our clients' ownership of its trade secrets, financial information, personal information and any other information protected under the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and current amendments thereof.

2.  The nature of the relationship between Centsable Bookkeeping and client requires that Centsable Bookkeeping obtain information belonging to such client in order to fulfil the Partnership contractual obligations toward the client.

3.  During the period of a contractual agreement there may be disclosed to Centsable Bookkeeping certain trade secrets of the Company or other information consisting but not necessarily limited to:

    3.i.  Technical information: Methods, processes, systems, machines, computer programs and software.

    3.ii.  Business information: client list, compensation data, financial information, labour relation strategies, marketing strategies, projects and proposals, merchandising systems or plans.

    3.iii.    Personal information: names, contact details, likes, dislikes, opinions, health matters.

4.  We will not seek from our client information that is not required to fulfil contractual obligations. Should we be provided with or obtain information which is the property of a client and not in the public domain, we will treat such information as private and in confidence.

5.  What information obtained from such client will be treated as the property of the client and will not be disclosed to third parties during or after the term of any Agreement without the written consent of an authorised officer of Client, except on a need to know basis, and then only upon receipt of a like undertaking from the recipient, in writing, to protect the confidentiality of Client's information from such third party.

6.  Should such information be subpoenaed, Centsable Bookkeeping will promptly advise Client of its receipt of such process where it is lawful to make such disclosure, in order to provide Client with the opportunity to contest production.

7.  Obligation to retain the Confidentiality of Client's financial information will terminate when Client makes the same information publicly available.

8.  On termination of contract between Centsable Bookkeeping and Client, the client's information will remain the property of the client and the policy defined in clauses 5, 6 and 7 remains.